Multi-Max Engineering has in-house design facility to design and fabricate Filters and Strainers for all kind of Oil & Gas sector requirements.

As per the fluid and filtration requirement, the choice of Filter type – Basket or Cartridge is selected . Basket Filters are deployed mainly for 10-200 micron filtration while Cartridge Filters are deployed for less than 10 micron filtration. Basket Filter elements are fabricated in-house while Cartridge Filter elements are sourced from various globally renowned companies such as Peco, Dollinger, Fuji, etc. Using our proven design capability, we provide guarantees for Filtration % and Pressure drop during operation.

Strainers are utilized for coarse filtration requirements. We supply both T-type and Y-type strainers depending upon client requirements. Our expertise is in special metallurgy strainers such as Stainless Steel and Duplex.

Type:Basket, Cartridge
Application:Dry Gas/Wet Gas Filters, Fuel Gas Dryer, Injection/Cooling Water Filtration
Arrangement:Simplex, Duplex, Multi-Basket
Design :Proprietary In-house
Line Size:1.5" to 30\"
Max Pressure Drop:0.1 to 2 kg/cm2
Perforated Sheet:O0.8mm to 10mm Hole Size (SS 304/316)
Wire Mesh:2 to 400 Mesh
Element make:Peco, Dollinger

Case #1

Client: Cairn India

Item Name: Duplex Filter Skid

Description : MultiMax supplied 5 Nos. duplex filter skids to Cairn for their Rajasthan Onshore assets. The Basket filters were used for Injection Water with 40 Mesh filtration.

Case #2

Client: Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL)

Item Name: Cartridge Filters

Description : MultiMax supplied 2 Nos. Fuel Gas Filters for the Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Project of RIL. The filters achieved a 0.3 micron filtration. The cartridges were sourced from a world renowned cartridge supplier.