Knock Out Drum (KODs)

Scrubbers and Knock Out Drums (KODs) serve a specific purpose of removing suspended liquid particles from gaseous fluids. These liquid particles can cause erosion in pipelines at high gas flow rates. Multi-Max has designed and supplied numerous scrubbers and knock out drums in the Oil & Gas industry. The key to a good KOD is correction selection of Demister / Vane Pack to be procured. MultiMax undertakes guarantees for % removal and Pr. Drop across the equipment.

Case #1

Client: Cairn India

Item Name: Fuel Gas Scrubber Skid

Description : Multi-Max supplied a complete Scrubber skid along with Electric Heater to Cairn for their Rajasthan Onshore assets. The skid was used for Pilot Gas conditioning purpose. Complete instrumentation and piping work was designed and executed in-house. The client's consultant for the Project was L&T Chiyoda.

Case #2

Client: Reliance Industries Ltd(RIL)

Item Name: Wet Gas Scrubber

Description : MultiMax supplied 2 Nos. Wet Gas Scrubbers for the Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Project of RIL in Shahdol, MP. The vessels were Carbon Steel with fully cladded internally with SS316L.