Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Multi-Max has capability to design (both thermal and mechanical), manufacture, supply, erect and commission complete range of shell and tube heat exchangers for different applications.

Shell & Tube Application:
  • Oil Coolers, Inter/After Coolers, Gas Coolers, LP/MP/HP Feed Water Heaters, Condensers, Pre-heaters, Vaporizers, Gland Steam Condensers, Turbine Oil Coolers
Design Code :
  • ASME SEC. VIII Div 1 and 2, TEMA, HEI, API-660, IS-2825, IS-4503
Design Software :
  • PV Elite
Types :
  • TEMA R/C/B, TEMA type AEL, BEM, BFM, AES, BEU, etc.
Heat Transfer Area:
  • Upto 2500 sq m
Shell Diameter:
  • Upto 5,000 mm diameter
Tube Length :
  • Upto 12,000 mm long
Tubesheet Thickness:
  • Upto 200 mm
Hole Diameter:
  • Upto 60 mm
  • Upto 60 mm
  • Straight, U-Tube
  • Carbon Steel, Low Temperature Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Non-Ferrous
Inspection Agencies:
  • Lloyd's Register Asia, DNV, BVIS, PDIL, BHEL, Quest, NTPC

Item #1

Client: IOCL Paradip

Item Name: Vacuum Residue/LP Steam Generator

Description : 6 Nos of these Kettle type Heat Exchanger each weighing 56.5 tons were fabricated for IOCL Paradip Greenfield Refinery Project under Foster Wheeler. The tubesheet was 165mm thk with 2508 holes and was drilled on our inhouse Batliboi CNC Machine. Fabrication of accentric cone of 28mm thk was the major challenge.

Item #2

Client: IOCL Barauni

Item Name: Tube Bundle for RFCCU Heat Exchanger

Description : A 12 Ton tube bundle having SA213TP304L tubes and a 145mm thick Carbon Steel tube sheet having 10mm SS304L weld overlay. The weld overlay was done in-house by Lloyds approved welders. The tube bundle was hydrotested at 66 kg/cm2(g) pressure.

Item #3

Client: Tata Chemicals, Babrala

Item Name: Distillation Tower Preheater

Description : Double Stack complete SS304L metallurgy heat exchangers. Scope included mechanical design and supply under PDIL inspection. The fabrication was challenging as it involved maintaining the circularity of a thin stainless steel shell while nozzles and flanges were being attached to it.

Item #4

Client: Century Pulp & Paper, Lalkuan

Item Name: HP Heaters

Description : High Pressure Heaters for pre-heating boiler feed water using Steam. MultiMax supplied 3 Nos such heaters undertaking complete thermal (using HTRI) and mechanical design and supply including design and performance guarantees. The Heaters were hydrotested at 156 kg/cm2(g) pressure.

Item #5

Client: IOCL Mathura

Item Name: Non-Ferrous tube bundles

Description : MultiMax supplied tube bundles made of Naval Brass tube sheet and Admiralty Brass tubes to IOCL. Care was taken during fabrication to maintain dimensions of tube sheet and tubes since brass being a soft material is very susceptible to deformations during fabrication. The tube bundles were delivered 4 months ahead of their delivery date.